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HTCS Sources BioKey® by IDENCOM

HTCS connects you with IDENCOM Fingerprint Solutions the producer of the BioKey® line of security devices.

BioKey®Gate ist a Patented (EU-Patent) biometric access system based on fingerprint recognition.

As a stand-alone application it is extremely easy to implement. Thanks to its unique masterfinger concept, all necessary programming is executed directly on the device without the need for access to a computer or entering any codes.

The BioKey®Gate design emphasizes personal security. The fingerprint itself is never captured or stored, but instead the fingertip is dragged over a resilient sensor. This assures that no fingerprint remains behind and eliminates the risk of misuse through replication.

Let HTCS demonstrate how this unique product can be incorprated into your security requirements where confirmation of identity is critical to your application.


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