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From VTech CMS


Letter of Recommendation from Andy Leung, CEO, VTech CMS Division for Rolf Seichter, President, HTCS, LLC

Rolf D. Seichter, Founder and President

Brings unparalleled expertise to your projects

“It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best.”
(Quote:  W. Edwards Demming)

The HTCS LLC consulting work for high-tech clients is based on my experience as an Electronics Engineer (MSEE in RF Electronics), as an MBA from Suffolk University, and as a registered Patent Agent with the USPTO (Reg # 63,542), where my work functions as a bridge for technical and business information and knowledge, and my practice is helping organizations to improve their performance.

After starting as a 2-year trainee with SIEMENS prior to college, my business career started in Germany in 1968 after my MSEE graduation with the famous electronic test equipment firm Rohde @ Schwarz in Munich where I also had worked as an apprentice between semesters.  Everything in my work at that time was based on the old, but proven analog technology.  I recognized in 1970 that computers made fast progress and started working as a sales engineer for DIGITAL Equipment, selling PDP-8’s and PDP-11’s to customers with scientific and/or industrial applications.  The necessary product knowledge was provided in an intense HW/SW sales training in Maynard, MA, during an intensive three-months of product courses.  Six years later in 1976, I was asked to relocate from Berlin, Germany to Maynard, MA, to assume a role in DIGITAL’s International Marketing group in the Parker Street Building.

I have been working in similar roles with many well-known companies thereafter, such as WANG, Lotus, Delta Power, and other global high-tech firms and performed meetings and projects with specialized engineers, with “C”-level Management personnel, have developed, proposed, rolled-out, and implemented advanced marketing or key-account management activities, and sales programs and relations development for current and prospective customers.  In 1985/1986, I was asked by a larger US high-tech firm to re-organize a European subsidiary with about 70 employees and to bring it to a profitable condition.  That target was achieved after about 6 months by adopting just basic common business sense, my experience as a Manager, combined with expertise, “know how”, and establishing a solid and professional organization.

For the past 12 years, I have worked successfully for VTech’s Contract Manufacturing Division to identify and develop new high-tech companies for this Tier 2 Contract Manufacturer in applications such as Power Conversion, WiFi, Telecom, HW/SW systems, Medical, Audio/Video, and the professional Music Industry.  The work again required to meet mainly with “C”-Level Management personnel in North America and Europe, as well as potential vendors in Asia.  The Outsourcing of products to be manufactured in Asia is a very strategic decision of a client and I learned here many important elements and criteria for the decision making processes, as well as the combination of certain cultural elements with the decision making aspects for the business planning and strategic evaluations.  I was always interested in simultaneous education beside practical work experience.  VTech CMS, my employer, sponsored my request to attend the Suffolk University MBA Program and I graduated in May 2006 from Suffolk.

In 2008 I passed the Patent Bar Exam with the US Patent & Trademark Office and have been working as a registered Patent Agent for a Patent Office in Concord, NH, on over 100 PCT filing applications and translations of specifications, claims, and Office Actions.

All the above work, experience, meetings with clients, attending numerous high-tech exhibitions, meeting with peers and supervisors made me a “Business Developer Strategist”.  One of my many skills is to perform the analytical preparation of potential growth opportunities for “C”-Level Management, propose the Business Plan or a required activity, as well as the monitoring of the implementation with or by a Team.  In this role, I apply cross-functional communications and a dialog with the different departments of my client’s firm.

The following is a list of client’s concerns where HTCS LLC can help:

  • Review of the Product Portfolio for Pricing Improvements
  • General Marketing & Business Development activities and initiate new revenue areas
  • Strategic Alliances, such as signing up strategic high-tech Partners
  • Competitive Analysis on Products and/or Pricing structures
  • Review of a client’s Financials and propose improvements after the review
  • Reasons for loss of business for a client in the past
  • Develop, file, and prosecute Patent Applications
  • Research for Patentability of Products and/or Methods
  • Improve the overall Customer Relationship Management
  • Translations of Marketing & Sales Collateral from English to German or vice versa

The general advantages of hiring a Consultant:

  • The Consultant has a view from the outside in, based on additional outside experiences
  • The Consultant has an easy way to work in cross-departmental mode
  • The selected Consultant has special skills, knowledge and experience
  • The outside Consultant is less costly and does not impact the headcount
  • The outside Consultant is most likely more objective
  • The Consultant can easily explore and/or initiate strategic alliances

“Profit in Business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project and service, that bring friends with them.”
(Quote: W. Edwards Demming)

If your project is ready to move forward, Rolf’s abilities in contract manufacturing, program management, and operations areas of high tech development will be invaluable to your success.

Contact Rolf by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your project's sourcing, production, and consulting needs.


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